LUNAR O.G. Lake Forest Discount Caregivers 

Posted: October 25, 2010 in LFDC
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out of this world

This LUNAR O.G. reminds me of chem dog or headband crossed with o.g. kush. I’m picking up scents like skunk, extreme fumes like following a diesel truck, slightly earthy with a touch of pine-sol.

The high comes off as extremely sativa dominant and it hits immediately as I’m exhaling. my thoughts are cruising out easily now but about ten minutes after the hit i feel a wall of indica holding me into the chair. Really “heavy” is how I’d explain the high.

The taste is really skunky and fumy like a diesel or sour strain. Yum….
Huge aromatics fan here!!!  I swear that great tasting herbals increase and prolongs my high.

Thanks LFDC, keep up the great work and tell your growers awesome job!

kushits baby!!!!!


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