Earth to I.C.O.C. you have the best earth o.g. on planet earth. Holy cow is this stuff for real please pinch me! I’ve never smelled an earth like this i think the reason being is loompah farms is behind this sticky wonder. I heard through the weed-vine that this has some “FIRE” strain in it’s lineage. That alone Would totaly explain the intensly vulgar smokey-earth smell of this o.g. cut. It’s almost too nice to be smoked but it’s also so nice it should be smoked or eaten by patients seeking either complete pain relief or just the greatest of connosuer strains available on the market at this time. This is exclusive to ICOC you wont find this anywhere else in orange county. The effects are just as intense as the smell, a lot on the sativa, a lot on the indica tip. Your typical top tier quality O.G. is how i’d explain the effects. Great for insomnia, nausea, pain, nerves, anxiety as well as hundreds of others illnesses.


  1. Sweet photo, this one really captures the feel of being in front of it myself!

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