Posted: October 25, 2010 in I.C.O.C., Loompah Farms
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The smell is sweet like dried candied mango and bright like Pine sol cleaner. It reminds me a bit of super skunk or green crack but with more floral and licorice tones.

The bud formation is that of billowing clouds. It’s semi-dense yet, soft to the squeeze. It’s an amazing flourecent green completely covered with a layer of super reflective silver and white trichomes. Even more amazing is the tip which looks like someone sprayed it with sugar there’s just millions of large white trichomes (the stuff that gets us happy). Thats all from the hash plant lineage. I love the short, thin and compact fiery orange/brown hairs just like trainwreck.

You cant go wrong with this strain if you’re an indica or a sativa lover. If you dont like either indica or sativa this would be a great strain to learn to fall in love with them.

The potency is above average, if you’re looking for something that wont effect you this isnt the strain. This has a high thc content and both the indica and sativa are extremely dominant in the mix. You will have energy while you sleep! Imagine that…

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