Posted: October 25, 2010 in LFDC
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Some people are gifted, guess what, so are these nugs..

I introduce to you, “THE GIFT” from LDFC in Lake Forest CA….

The Gift is an amazing pheno of what appears to be gods gift or purple gods gift. Very easily could be purple mendo in here as just the sun leaves are a perfect crayola crayon shade of purple.

Pop the lid and expect a rush of intense yet subtle aromatics of Welch’s grape juice, musky earth tones and smooth Tahitian vanilla beans. Pinch the nug and expect almost a purple kush dark soy sauce and welchs grape effect times ten! The flavor through a clean bubbler is an exact mirror of the smell when i opened the container..

The high feels like a  pure indica in my opinion. You won’t be cleaning the house or rambling on for hours after smoking this.. more like watching others work while you sleep in a puddle of drool. I can easily say this lands on my top 10 list of best GIFTS I’ve sampled in the last 20 years of bud hunting.


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