Medical Marijuana…..this isn’t your mom’s prescription

Posted: October 26, 2010 in medical marijuana
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“This isn’t your mothers prescription”

By Kushits

With so many co-op’s in so-cal medical marijuana is easier to find then star bucks, del taco or a gas station. Being a medical marijuana patient means learning about the strains and the effects of them individually.. It’s also in my opinion mandatory that you learn the smell, looks, effect, taste, lineage and genetics of each strain. Those things don’t really change, once you know em you know em. You’ll never have anyone try selling you the wrong strain or an inferior grow again.

Most co-op’s carry 20- 40 or more strains. Indica’s, Sativa’s and hybrids. plus edibles. That leaves a lot of room for error and assumptions. I never order off menu’s inside a co-op. Names mean nothing unless i’ve seen the grow quality, smelled it and touched it. I can’t begin to tell you how many time’s i see people walk in and just order off the menu without looking through every jar in the co-op or at least the one they ordered off the menu! how do you know what’s good unless you dive right in and open some jars, make the bud tender work a lil, don’t feel bad… it’s your health and happiness in the end. Aromatics are scientifically proven to play a major part of the effect of marijuana on the brain, so get the tastiest and smelliest strain.

One important thing to know from the start is that NOT all marijuana is “medical”. The farmer who buys 10,000 clones and sticks em in a filthy forest exposed to a harsh environments then comes back in 6 months isn’t really medical is he???? what about the guy growing less than 12 plants that he sits with watching carefully 12-19 hours a day; all grown under $10,000 worth of grow equipment and he back it all with 40 yrs experience. I think that guy wins hands down for quality and care, which in turn will make it medical grade. Potency, bud structure, smoothness and overall quality will be easily noticeable.

Not all marijuana strains are “potent“. Some growers specifically cross two parent plants not to make the quality or potency better but to make the harvest twice as large and in less time. more money for them! That’s what happened with purple erkle which is a potent purple strain. They crossed it with big bud which sucks beyond sucking. (big bud just grows big and fast and has like 5% thc) That made grand daddy purple. If i had a dollar for every time i smoked an 8th of grand daddy in a night and not been high from that stupid strain i’d be rich. Gdp Looks and tastes like purple erkle but has no effect. Why pay for something that wont get me half as high? That’s something i keep in mind when buying and trying to utilize my money properly.

Marijuana comes in two main genetic types; Indica and Sativa. It’s easy to remember because 100% indica works on your body leaving it very relaxed and at ease not wanting to move and feeling warm body waves. Sativa is the almost opposite, It mainly works on your head leaving you feeling super tripped out, mentally focused on things you normally wouldn’t care about and just plain high as a kite in my experience. There are also Hybrids, which are indica and sativa crosses. The percentage of indica to sativa in the mix can be manipulated by the grower.

Lineage is also something to take note of, lineage is who the strains parents are. It’s good to know because potency is passed down from parents to child, unless one of the parent is weak then it can drag the childs thc levels down.. Anyway, Say for instance a grower takes pollen from a male plant of the strain northern lights, lets say he sprinkled that pollen on a white widow female plant, the pollinated white widow will now grow seeds and they will be half white widow, half northern lights. Making the strain “white lights or “northern widow” Now you see how the names come about and how it’s usually pretty simple to trace back the lineage once you know the main strains out there..

One last thing, THC is the active ingredient that gets us high, it makes our eyes shut and swell up all red, it gives us bursts of mental energy and focus at times but mainly it makes us euphoric and sometimes hallucinate if over eaten or smoked.. THC is more abundant in sativa’s, indica’s have THC too but they usually have more CBD and CBN’s which make us feel a bit more tired and not so blazed out of your mind as opposed to just lazy and hungry. That’s why some folks say indica for night and sativa for the day. Sativa’s don’t really give me energy, they usually put me to sleep, but i always choose the highest in THC if not a sativa dominant hybrid like o. g. kush (yes og kush is sativa dominant) to give me a nice body high as well as the head high from the sativa.


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