Posted: October 27, 2010 in photo's marijuana
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My 1st smell of the container is Grape juice meets grape pez meets dark soy sauce. A pinch of the nugget reveals an extremely pungent earthy smell, plus even more of the sweet and savory of grape juice and soy sauce. This is the real deal purple kush, perfect density, perfect smell and perfect looks.Under a pure white light it’s nothing but purple, emerald, orange, white and amber. The purple on the calyx’ is extremely deep, vibrant and dark. There’s also a light purple hue over the whole bud which is then covered in white trichs. It’s artwork plain and simple.
The medicinal effect is better than any purple kush I’ve smoked, no joke! I rarely recommend purple strains for high potency. but this i highly recommend! With this Purple Kush you need very little to get a great effect. It’s a powerhouse indica, this has me so medicated I’m going to take a nap in about 15 minutes.. I’ve had 3 hits so far while writing this and i can barely open my eyes. My body feels completely numb, yet I’m in complete control of the situation. Typing is a breeze, carpal tunnel hasn’t a chance against this. Even my lower back which i had a few surgeries on this past year is manageable right now. i haven’t had a vicodin in six months and could care less with herb is this potent.
The taste is better than expected and the smoothness is amazing. This has been cured properly, you cant just get flavor and smoothness like that without sincere effort. Don’s Purple Kush is just amazing and a job well done. I give it 100/100 points on my grading scale. A+

  1. Did I order Welches grape juice. Wow great for Insomnia and pain. This is some very strong strain for a purple. Its a fact that purple strains tend to be weak but this make that fact come into question.

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