Posted: October 27, 2010 in photo's marijuana
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Another top notch medication grown by CHWG farms. I started with an 8th of this alien og then called back and now I have a half ounce sitting here! Yep, this batch is that good! I’m amazed by the smell and the TASTE but, most of all the HIGH is right on, this was harvested at the exact second it should have been. Talk about a perfect og kush hybrid. I’d say it leans on the sativa side but just barely. My eyes are burning, my bodies relaxed and i need a couch quick! There’s og kush then there’s OG KUSH! I’m talking grown properly, dried all the way and then cured properly for a minimum of 2 weeks (hopefully 4), this alien og is the OG KUSH i just described. It’s mainly silver dollar and smaller sized pieces… Another huge plus if you ask me..

Not sure of the mix but it seems to be leaning to the sour, fire and headband or something similar crossed with og kush. I give it  94% out of 100% when grading it. I’m a really picky reviewer too.

Fred was at my house within 90 minutes, actually less.

Facebook: Kushits photo’s


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