Bubba Kush loompah october 2010

Posted: October 27, 2010 in I.C.O.C., Loompah Farms
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Superior Taste, Perfect Bud formation/structure, Above average Trichome Content.

That is what amazes me and comes to mind after spending a day with this bubba kush from ICOC. The buds smell like they were cured for months. Gotta keep the lid on this gram or else the whole house will smell like a garden of the best earthy, dark roasted, minty and bright skunky kush you can imagine. It’s a thing of beauty, the buds have a thin layer of pure white over them plus they look as if they were sprayed with sugar. All that with the faintest of purple whisps here and there; as a true bubba kush should just around harvest time. It has darker thin orange hairs in tiny clumps of 2 or 3. the high is pure indica and the taste lasts for hours. Aromatics is a major factor in the high, it’s been proven scientifically. So the more flavor the better. With that i can say this bubba is easily now on my top 5 list of best bubba’s I’ve smoked in my life.


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