Posted: October 27, 2010 in I.C.O.C.

A great find in this bullrider, SATIVA version!!! Not a fan of the afgani rider personally. I think the sliced lemon, pine sol, unripe mango smell on whisping skinny swords is a true winner. This ICOC version of bullrider wont let you down, actually it’ll lift you up with it’s powerful sativa effects. Reminds me of super silver haze x northern lights with a touch of trainwreck. The northern lights pungeont smell can’t be missed, it’s like pepper on the nose. That smell = hold onto your seat!!!

The effects could be compared to a bull ride. It’s a very euphoric and trippy type sativa. The type of sativa where you look for your sunglasses that are on your head for 45 minutes…(true story)



  1. spiritualy enhanced says:

    happy the world loves my cross. Just quit taking responsibility for it. It was a bag seed mexican times a afghani. I have the parents of both. p1 and original seed!

    My friends, learn it had nothing to do with the original Bullrider.
    Got pictures to prove it besides research.

    But happy patients love it.

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