Posted: October 27, 2010 in photo's marijuana
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This headband O.G. from fullerton family farms has such an amazing taste, actually this my favorite taste out of all the kush pheno’s. Believe me I’ve tasted almost all of them. It’s very unique, only headband can lend a skunky flavor to an og in this manor. Nothing but perfect quarter sized, golf ball and pyramid looking nodges. Forest green with thin, light orange hairs here and there; Exactly how an o.g. should look.

The saying Stinky, Sticky N icky must have been created around og kush like this. Extreme og smell; Minty, earthy, musky with hints of dark roasted coffee. The taste is a mirror of the smell but way better. It’s pure heaven if you like skunky og’s. This was dried and cured perfectly. It’s a show stopper in almost every way.

Warning Label:
The effects are so strong it needs a warning. First off, This is O.G. Sativa dominance at it’s finest. You get the euphoric energy/psychedelic effects but there’s still plenty of indica to relieve pain, relax your body, calm your nerves and generally put you to at ease.It’s amazing how you can get an extended length of effect just from the flavorful aromatics. It’s proven scientifically that flavors plays a major effect in the brain.


  1. Your comments were spot on for this strain Kushits. Great delivery service too. Did you try that Bubba Kush from these guys or their Extreme Blue Dream?

  2. kushits says:

    Thanks! just doing my part to help fellow patients. i know my 1st 15 or so years i wish i had someplace to see pictures and read a little bit about strains. Thanks for your support i really appreciate it!


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