Posted: October 27, 2010 in photo's marijuana
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Delicious, dank, decadent and dense.

That comes to mind when i think of the past few hours alone with this master purple kush from OMG farms. It’s fresh, it’s pungent, it reminds me of sweet candy and welches grape juice as a kid but most of all it’s strong enough to ease my pain. Spinal pain can suck and vicodin doesn’t even work and has terrible side effects. The only side effect here is i ate 3 days worth of groceries in a day. oops…

The buds resemble crystal filled x-mas trees. Under LED lights the purple calyxes running up the stem show their true crayola purple color. It’s mainly just up the calyxes on the stem and a majority of sugar leaves are light purple on the outer surface giving this bud a picture perfect look. Purple is normally lower strength but, once more C2TD and O.M.G. Farms have unveiled a top quality, top shelf medical grade purple hybrid. It reminds me of purple erkle due to formation and smells. The smell is very sweet like grape juice but it also has a deep red rose fragrance with hints of dark molasses. The taste is amazing, it’s like eating a rose and washing it down with welches grape juice. I also pick up hints of musky vanilla.

The smoke is smooth n silky, The effects are heavy but not couch locking to the point where you’re a veggie. I’d say this is very much indica dominant..over 80% judging by the way i feel. I’d probably say this is around 16%-19% thc if i were to guesstimate. A perfect mid day to evening and into bed for a movie then sleep type of smoke. great for aches, pain and stiffness. Overall it’s very well rounded in every area i critiqued it in.

Out of 100 possible points i scored it a 94.


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