Posted: October 27, 2010 in photo's marijuana
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Exactly what i expected out of a nicely grown sour grape strain. It has a very faint grape with extremely strong sour smells when pinched. One thing that can usually almost be guaranteed when there’s sour in the strain; It’s going to be a strong knock you out sativa. This sour grape by Fullerton Family Farms doesn’t miss a beat in this medical medley. I can barely open my eyes to write this review, that’s how i know it’s an extremely strong sativa. In my opinion it’s almost psychedelic, i feel very “stoned” and heavy headed. Awesome for pain relief of any type or insomnia. I don’t notice much focus or energy that many sativa strains such as lambs-breath or blue dream would offer. Almost the exact opposite in my opinion. I’ve been investigating this sour grape for over 24 hours and can honestly say it’s put me to sleep twice. I have acute nerve pain in my legs and lower back, with a super heady strain like sour grapes sometimes I forget about the back pain. Warning Its a creeper strain too, if you don’t feel anything wait 5 minutes before smoking more or else you may end up taking a forced nap!


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