Posted: October 27, 2010 in I.C.O.C., Loompah Farms
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I.C.O.C. has performed another cana-miracle. I tried the bubba (check the review and picture below) yesterday and rated it on my top 5, then today they get supreme bubba which i can honestly say shoots straight to #1 as the best bubba or supreme bubba i have tried in 20+ years. All you bubba fans this is no joke, real deal, bed time buba kush. First off, I’ve never seen so many crystals on a bubba kush, not with the dome heads all still in tact like this. It looks like artwork the way the trichomes stand on end all over the nugs. someone took very good care of this and harvested at the exact correct moment and used extreme care. The buds smell super-duper minty, dank, dark, earthy and bright. This is the kind of bud where you drive with the windows closed so the guy behind you can’t smell your gram or two. The high is HEAVY. This has me locked to the chair like I’m holding bricks all over me. The buds very spongy, with the brightest colorful orange hairs in flame like clumps placed sporadically around the nug.This is for true connoisseurs and/or sick ailing patients. Great for insomnia, ADD, hypertension, nerve pain and headaches among hundreds if not thousands of ailments.  I rate this a perfect 100/100 on my grading scale.


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