Posted: October 27, 2010 in I.C.O.C.

UK cheese was conceived through 1 mutated skunk seed out of what rumor says was 1000. But this one skunk plant had no skunk smell just the smell of fresh grated Romano and Parmesan cheese. It was found in the UK several years back and being a clone only mother plant it became highly valued. The strain that i am smelling and holding from icoc reminds me more of blue cheese (blueberry x uk cheese) which is absolutely in my opinion one of the best crosses with the uk cheese. Had it several times including nugporn. The smell is to die for as is the taste. Think of warm boysenberry syrup at knotts then think of a wedge of cheese somewhere in the vicinity.  I may be wrong but what i am smelling is extremely sweet fruity nuggets with hints of the u.k. cheese. I pick up a ton of blueberry, I usually never miss it, it’s one of my favorite strain on the planet. To me this is a great grow of blue cheese (or uk cheese straight up maybe) which I’ve seen at other co-op’s for $60 on this same grade of product. $35 this is a steal. I may be wrong about the lineage but either way it’s a strong sativa dominant uplifting and extremely tasty and smelling nuggets.


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