Posted: October 27, 2010 in photo's marijuana
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So, you can’t handle the truth? How about some True Kush from Trinity County Farms? Talk about a blast to the passed, this strain is just that. It brings me way back to high school (1991) and smelling Kush for the first time.
The smell is earthy, fresh and minty. It’s rounded out well with subtle hints of milk caramel.In my opinion It’s the caramel smells that distinguish this Kush strain from all the rest.   Based on looks I’d say this is  Indica dominant and very possibly 100% Indica judging by the body effects. The effects are powerful, sedative, stress relieving, calming and the onset is immediate. Absolutely no creeping here. I’d say this is above average potency. It will cut through rather severe pain, aches and discomfort instantaneously.

Final Conclusion:

Couch Lock? = Yes.
Mental Block? = No.
Effective? = Very.
Recommend? = Highly.
Medical Grade? = Yes.


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