JACK HERER (sativa) 11-10-2010

Posted: November 10, 2010 in I.C.O.C.
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Strain: Jack Herer
Lineage: 3-way hybrid of Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze (similar to super silver haze)
Review tools: clean water bubbler, csi white light


I cant tell which end of this bud is up or down, the stems are so tiny and the buds are so fat it’s impossible to tell. Crystallized blobs, billowing clouds of thc crystals??? I’m not sure how to explain the bud structure on this so I classify it as “TOTALLY AWESOME”.

It’s perfectly dried and cured yet remains sticky from the above average THC content. The cure is obvious on this from the pale green leaves depleted of harsh chlorophyll and sugars. The crystals also pop to the naked eye, not to mention the taste is strong and smoke is smooth as silk.

The smell and taste is fresh Ginger, Lemons, skunk and pine sol.

The high is very focused, cerebral and energetic. It’s got a heart racing effect to it, i should have waited until morning to sample this but I’m like a kid with a cookie jar.

This is definitely the true pheno of jack herer. I’ve been lucky enough to see it from jacks farm in LA twice and this matches up perfectly.

  1. I buy my marijuana from the Compassion Club in Vancouver BC. I prefer to buy their best strain, Jack Herer. About six weeks ago I found one seed in one of the grams I bought. As it is very, very rare to find any seeds at all in any of the bud from any club, I thought this must be a great sign. Anyway, of course I planted the seed, and its growing nicely. My only question is; I don’t know if its a female yet or not? Is it possible that because it was just one seed that its surely a female? Is it because that part of the plant hermied, making it a sure female?

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