MARS O.G. review LOOMPAH FARMS — 11/13/2010 photo:

Posted: November 13, 2010 in I.C.O.C., Loompah Farms
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Smokey, earthy, musky and minty. The scent is so strong just opening the lid.

This Mars O.G. from Loompah Farms looks amazing; It’s white, silver, orange and then even more white. The THC is thick and it’s covering everything from the swollen calyx tips down to the perfectly tiny, easily snapping stems.

The buds rather dense for an o.g. but once i start breaking it up it’s kind of soft like sticky cotton balls. One bowl left enough dome heads to roll finger hash.

The pale green leaves and extreme smell are a sign of low chlorophyll levels meaning it’s properly cured. Next way to test is smoking some…..

Extremely tasty, smokes evenly and the hit was silky smooth on the throat and lungs; Another sign it’s perfectly cured and wasn’t rushed to sale.

Warning: Extremely Potent Sativa Dominant Effect! It hit’s immediately with focus and a sense of well being that quickly turns to a stoned cartoon type euphoria. It’s all balanced out by a heavy indica. I feel like my bodies glued to the chair. I recently had back surgery and hip joint injections; this without a doubt takes the edge off the nerve and muscle pain.

I highly recommend this to all fellow patient seeking top shelf A+ medical grade marijuana….

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