O.G. SKYWALKER — Indica Dominant OG Hybrid — 11/13/2010

Posted: November 13, 2010 in I.C.O.C.
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Strain: OG Skywalker
Genetics: Indica Dominant hybrid
Lineage: (Mazar x blueberry) x O.G.

Under a pure white light this skywalker appears light orange, light green, yellow, amber and white. The orange hair’s have a pink hue to them and look like they were cross stitched into the swollen calyx’s and bubbling or billowing type bud structure.

The smell is quiet unique as well. It’s minty, smokey, earthy, skunky and sweet with a tad bit of sour fume.

The bud looks and Feels dense but it easily breaks away and turns to soft sticky goodness like an OG cut would! This definitely leans way on the OG side of the mix. In fact if i were to take a shot in the dark based on structural appearance, the fumes/sour overtones and the extreme heavy sativa effect i would say this plant has some headband or sour d in it’s lineage; Most likely introduced from the OG side….

Once again this has been dried and cured properly as I’ve come to expect with ICOC over the last 4 or 5 years. Proper drying and curing is crucial for a good looking, proper tasting, extra smooth, perfectly potent and extremely aromatic medical grade marijuana.

The high feels a little more on the sativa side than indica. My built in meter is telling me 60% sativa by the feel of things. To me that’s a perfect ratio anyway, it’s balanced. You get the focused, cerebral and sometimes psychedelic stoned effect from the sativa and just as much lethargic, couch locked, pain numbing body high and sleep inducing effect from the Indica.

The high lasts about 45 minute’s and really induced a heavy appetite during that time.

I highly recommend this from one patient to another seeking well grown, top shelf A+ meds.

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