master kush

Posted: November 18, 2010 in I.C.O.C.
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Under the pure white light this master kush is stunning. It’s all super long, white trichomes with perfect round dome heads still attached. You can see it with the naked eye but of course i took a picture to show this girls stunning whiteness.

The smell is earthy and dank with a slight sweet skunk overtone.

The bud structure is like perfectly rounded golf balls. It’s actually very soft too, not dense like it’s been over co2’d. I  love soft indica’s it’s a real sign of a master grower in my opinion.

The taste is all earthiness. The earthy aromatics last for a good 30 minutes, basically through the entire high.

The high is 100% indica, it’s about a 7/10 on my potency scale. It’s enough to lock me to the couch and make me take a nap but not enough to confuse me or make me UN capable of conversing with others.

I highly recommend this to any patient looking for a true medical grade master kush.

(it’s master not ultra, sorry for name error on photo)


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