Posted: November 18, 2010 in LFDC
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First smell of the jar and it’s nothing but earthiness, mints and a ton of sweet skunks. Oh baby I’m in love!

Under a pure white light it’s looking like it’s sprayed with sugar up the inside.All i see is white, amber and light green. It’s like artwork!

The taste is even better than the smell, holy cow! It’s like eating roses and skunks with a mint to wash it all down.

Its a bit leafy almost like greenhouse or too many plants not enough lights but, that doesn’t even matter when it’s this potent, smelly and tasty. honestly!

From the looks of it this part of that leafiness is most likely attributed to the fact this is a very sativa dominant og strain. It was in the indica section but when it’s this wispy and elongated and the dome heads are this perfect; it screams sativa dominant. I mean og kush is sativa dominant by nature. So go figure!

One hit of this will put you to the moon, it’s got an extremely heavy head high, i’d classify this at about 70% sativa and 30%indica. my eyes burn, i’m seeing trails and i have a super feeling of well being. it’s all evened out by a mellow body high from the indica.

I highly recommend this to any patient seeking a tasty and potent og strain. From one pot snob to the next!!! much love!


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