Blue Romulan marijuana review

Posted: December 21, 2010 in photo's marijuana

Hillside Blue Romulan

Lineage: Blue Dream x Romulan
Genetics: Hybrid
Grower: Fullerton Family Farms

It has more crystals than your average buds, even the stems are covered in a thick layer. There’s a few sugar or fan leaves but even those are covered in a thick trichome layer, so they’re perfectly welcome. I highly recommend using a pure white light to investigate this medication; you’ll see some blue hues, elongated trichomes and a wonderful bud structure. This is the type of med that makes growers and patients raise the bar on what’s medical and what isn’t medical. Seriously, this looks like medicine…

Wow, it’s so complex; imagine blueberry candy mixed with fruit punch syrup smashed in fresh mango’s then brushed with hints of bananas.

First thing I notice is trichomes falling off to the slightest nudge or movement. It’s very soft and semi fluffy; this is my idea of a perfect bud structure. I can pinch down to the stem very easily.  It’s been perfectly dried leaving behind just the right moisture balance.

Taste is so important to the medication process and this taste mirror’s the smell identically. If you were looking for a blue dream that’s a step above the regular everyday, I highly recommend this; I’m never going to think of blue dream the same after having this amazing grow in my possession. I’m not even using a vaporizer, just a 1.5 foot water filtered utensil and this still basically like I’m eating a blueberry bagel with a variety of fruit toppings.

This is one of the strongest sativa high’s I’ve felt in my life. It’s a breath of fresh air, no pun intended. The sativa effect is amazing to say the least but beware it also has a healthy indica effect that may leave you in your seat. It’s all about synergy and making the sativa and indica work together as one healing power. This strain works wonders for my torn disks, bulged disks, s.i. joint disorder, hip disorder and neck pain among many injuries sustained during a work injury.

Grade: A

  1. just Blowed a J of this shit & itz DANK AF! felt like i blew 2 Joints But i only Blew 1 itz Euphric & is COmpared to SKywalkerOg 5* @420bastardboy

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