catpiss marijuana strain review

Posted: December 21, 2010 in photo's marijuana


Fullerton Family Farms (FFF) has redesigned what to me was a super bright nosed and fragrant but not that greatest of looking strains, that being catpiss.  Welcome to 2010 and the new generation of catpiss. The first thing i noticed is the in your face putrid, pungent, ammonia like smell of a northern lights type strain. Then next I get this huge burst of bright sliced lemons and pine sol of a trainwreck. They could have easily called this trainpiss or pisswreck. The bud’s light green, white and has light orange hairs. Its ridged, semi firm but i can squeeze part way to the stem. Speaking of the stems they’re tiny, dry and easily snap as a perfectly dried/cured bud should. The structure is that of a trainwreck but with signs of at least two other strains. The taste is very fresh and floral on exhale, sort of like pine sol. The amount of trichomes to bud is revealed under a pure white light, and I feel bad for the bud because it’s supporting so many trichomes. Looks like a snowstorm of white up the middle near the stem. This was harvested at the perfect time, which brings me to the high, it’s very potent and clear, just a tad less potent then the blue romulan I sampled two days ago. The active time was about 1 hour for me, not too trippy or cerebral of a high but more focus and energy type high you’d get with a lambsbreath. It’s a great medicine to have side by side with the blue romulan, they offer two very opposite sides of the sativa world. This helped me to a huge extent with reading, typing, anxiety, stiff muscles/joints among many other issues.

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