Orange County Invitational #1 ICOC – jan 7 2010 marijuana/co-op review

Posted: December 21, 2010 in I.C.O.C., medical marijuana

Orange County Invitational #1 icoc jan 7 2010

Located in South Orange County, ICOC is found in suite 209 on the corner of Raymond and El Toro rd.

I was easily verified as an MMJ patient by the gentleman at the front desk and was in the backroom within minutes. I met up with Jackson, the man in charge of the action. He does the buying and keeps things spinning in the shop. He’s soft spoken, and a seasoned vet within the mmj movement. The backroom is large enough for 3 or 4 patients at a time. The décor is nice and simple, pictures of bands and what looked to be Jackson’s travels over his life. Comfortable laid back vibe.

He showed me two large glass showcases of meds. The buds are pre packed but you are encouraged to look through and find the right container. They keep out a nice sized sample of each med strain to touch and squeeze. You can do your thing without ruining the perfect buds in the containers.

They even have an exclusive connoisseur’s section here for people who want the best of the best. I know you’re out there. ICOC is extremely proud of their privately grown strains, with good reason. I got 3 amazing OG samples. I’m proud just having these in my possession. They know who, how and where the meds were grown. Major plus!!!!

I saw about 19 or 20 strains all together. It’s a cornucopia of indica, sativa and hybrids.

Prices range from $12/g up to $20/g for the fire strains. And accordingly for eighths, $35-$65 and one fire strain for $70/e. Weekends they have a $50 cap on a lot of the strains.

I also took notice to some very nice quality hash oil. Jelly hash as they called it. Check out my hash guide in the forums for tips on hash buying. This concentrate had almost no smell and didn’t run around in the container even with my hands warming it, exactly what I’d expect from a high grade hash oil a.k.a. Reduction Based Concentrate. I went over it with a fine tooth comb and couldn’t find a flaw. Trust me I tried. They also had some really nice looking bubble hash; I believe chocolope was the strain. I kind of wished this was a hash review it all looked so nice. Drool……

I saw canna-capsules with kif and nice tall bottles of tinctures for those who don’t smoke.

The Strain reviews:


This is the kind of bud you don’t smoke, it smokes you…

Possibly the best o.g. phenotype I’ve smoked in my life. It has an instant sativa uplift and a focused energy then within 5 minutes you’re slammed by the indica, it’ll make you take a seat, yet remain extremely focused. This high is long lasting, about 3 hours or more. The smell is extremely bright and sharp. I get this smokey, savory, sweet, earthy, musky and pungent smell all in one. If you like the fire strains you will LOVE this. The stickiest o.g. I’ve had in my life. I believe this to be organic indoor hydro. My favorite of the three strains!


Great strain for restless leg syndrome, muscle pain, nerve pain, and social anxiety.

This organic soil wonder is perfectly grown, manicured and cured. This is love in the form of a high grade nugget. Looks like snow was blown all over the inside…. some clear, some white, some amber. There’s a thin orange hair here and there. Very potent, not for beginners or daytime smokers.

The smell is all O.G. It’s sweet, smokey and savory with hints of minty cocoa, dark French roast coffee, earthiness and that dank muskiness that Kush lovers crave, all in one bud right here.

PLATINUM O.G. x MKU (master kush ultra)

This is one healthy looking grow in general. The 1st thing I noticed when i opened the container was how perfectly formed these buds are and how swollen the calyxes became before harvesting. It’s a complete overload of crystals spilling out from stem to bud tips. The buds easily squeeze to the middle but still have a bit of rigidity to them. They are very soft yet firm but, not overly dense. The very next big thing that hit me was the smell of the OG in the mix and bit of the MKU skunkyness. Very pungent, earthy, super bright lemon and musk smells….The smell’s that Kush lovers love.

I use a pure white l.e.d. light, bic lighters and clean glass bong for all my inspections.

ICOC’s Menu at


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