Orange County Invitational #2 p.o.t. pac jan 12 2010 marijuana review

Posted: December 21, 2010 in medical marijuana

Orange County Invitational #2 p.o.t. pac jan 12 2010

P.O.T. PCA is located near the 91/55 freeways on the corner of La Palma Avenue East and North Kraemer Blvd in Anaheim. It was easy to find, I pulled into the 1st driveway after Carl’s Junior and kept to the right until I saw suite J.

I was signed up and verified within minutes then buzzed through the security door. My first thought was, “WOW, this is like Jamba Juice meets Starbucks meets High Times.” It’s swank, it’s modern, it’s clean, it’s hip, it’s mellow and it’s a smoothie/juice bar!

This place has a huge touch screen pc kiosk with attached microscope to look at buds while purchasing or waiting around. With this system you can take pictures and email them to yourself or jealous friends! I believe it’s also accessible to the web. Huge wow factor! It wasn’t busy today but I can imagine this would be a great way to waste time while waiting in line or hanging out.

I met up with Jeff, my “cannabis chaperon” for the day. He was in his work uniform; yep he had a budtender’s vest on that said, P.O.T PCA. He knew every strain and info about each one.

The strain jars are kept up on the wall and can be pulled down by the budtender’s for customers to look through. Every jar Jeff pulled down had its own unique fragrance ranging from savory all the way to fruity.

I saw a lot of purple strains for you purple lovers. Everything here is very well grown, manicured and cured. The strain names threw me off a bit then I realized it’s mostly grown by locals and co-op members so they get a lot of unique and one of a kind genetic strain crosses. All the buds seemed rather large and healthy with no shake in the jars. I saw at least 18 strains, enough for a whole range of ailments and tastes. Prices in this section ranged from $15-$20 gram and $55 for eighths.

Next stop was the connoisseur room, It felt like a high roller room in Vegas or a private room for checking a safe deposit box at a Swiss bank (not that I’d know). It was well lit, private and had comfy chairs. There was a table with a partial glass top showing off the top shelf strains. I love privacy, so personally speaking, this room is fantastic. They had four top shelf connoisseur strains today, I received samples of Cotton Candy, Strong OG and Gangster Grape. The strains in this room all made me smile. Ask Jeff, I was like a 12 yr old in Disneyland. I’m sure I won’t be the first or last person to smile 10 min straight in this room. The connoisseur room prices are $30/gram and $75/eighth

I headed to check the concentrate section next. Wow what a bunch of good looking items including the kief. Everything looks well crafted, clean and clear of plant matter. Concentrates range from $20-$60/gram.

I also saw some edibles, canna capsules and tinctures for non smokers.

Strain Reviews:


This is my favorite of the four strains based on potency, smell and taste. The taste lasts almost as long as the high which is several hours. The bud is soft, just like cotton. Don’t judge a book by its cover on this one, it may not look like the gangster grape but it packs a walloping punch. The smell and potency of this is as stated in the name, STRONG. It’s minty, earthy, soily, musky, smokey, sweet, savory with hints of cocoa and French roast coffee all condensed and wrapped into one nugget. The inside is loaded with trichomes. The hairs are thinm orange, brown and very sporadic. This is a great strain for social anxiety, nerve pain, spinal pain, sleep and appetite.

GANGSTER GRAPE (o.g. Kush x Grape Ape)

This would be my favorite if based on looks and smell alone. It has an amazing candy smell. To be exact, it smells like knotts berry farm or Ihops boysenberry syrup with hints of Welch’s grape juice, sliced oranges and cloves. It’s delicate and extremely fluffy. Its filled with crystals that fall off onto the table with every touch or bump of the nugget. Severely swollen calyxes give this bud an artistic look. It almost says, “I should be framed, not smoked”. This is the kind of bud you show off and impress people with. From the top view I see white, jade green and light purple with orange spots. From the bottom it looks jade green, white and extreme purple. When I say extreme purple I mean purple as in a crayola crayon purple, you folks with kids know what I mean. It’s a mild high, a great day time or night time indica. A functional indica if you will. It’s been dried, cured and grown extremely well. This is a Kodak moment; it’s visually amazing; everyone I’ve shown it to has been totally blown away.

COTTON CANDY (Afghani x Blueberry)

Smells like mango, cucumber, blueberries, and fresh cut plants. It has a hydroponic garden smell; it’s kind of watery and dank smelling. This stuff looks absolutely amazing; it’s loaded with so many crystals, it looks like it’s been airbrushed. It’s very dank and dense. I think if it had a better smell and taste it would be serious competition for the gangster grape and strong o.g. Swollen calyxes give this bud a cotton candy/billowing cloud effect. The taste is plain with bit of earthiness. The Afghanica genetics is an absolute narcotic replacement; it’s great for pain relief, relaxation and appetite. Afghani strains take longer to reach effects, people often call them creeper buds but when they hit it’s like having opiates in your system. I was Couch locked with a huge sense of pain relief for an hour straight..

GOLD TRAIN (Pot of Gold x TrainWreck)

Large wispy, sticky and delicate fox tailed buds. The smell reminds me of dirty diapers…in a very good way! It’s super pungent and nose cringing yet, when pinched it smells exactly like train wreck which is lemony and bright like pin sol and peppers. Very interesting indeed. The trichomes are so thick they’re falling off like snow. The smoke tastes like semi sweet chocolate. The high is intense and strong. Great for nerve pain, social anxiety, energy, focus and creativity.


Very potent high grade water and ice bubble hash extract. Check my hash guide, link is on profile page. Under the co-op’s microscope I saw a lot of dome heads with just a tiny bit of plant matter here and there. It does not melt when heated, but not all strains are good for making full melt hash. The potency is way up there, one hit in the pipe feels like 4 hits of the best herb from the bong. When heated it bubbles a bit, it also sticks to my lighter when smashing bowl toppers, I hear a little sizzle too, that’s due to water left in the hash when pressed it wasn’t completely dried from the extraction process. Not a major issue but something to point out. The ash is nice and clean, exactly what I’d expect from a high grade bubble hash. The high is not for beginners. I’m having warm body waves from one hit. It’s not for your 1st time smoker; it is for your everyday smoker or high pain relief candidates.


Wow, I don’t usually feel edibles, but the smoothie knocked me on my butt. I drank it on an empty stomach. It took one hour and thirty minutes to take effect. It felt like 1 mg of klonopin or xanex. . Had me couch locked unable to review buds for about 7 hours. I could only get up to make food, easy food at that. I could not think straight or hold a conversation and I loved it! It’s free for first time patients I highly recommend you check it out. Strength and effect will vary with strains, call ahead or check here for strain of the day to see if it’s right for you!

I use a pure white l.e.d. light, bic lighters and clean glass bong for all my inspections.


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