Orange County nugporn Invitational #3 new amsterdam jan 19th

Posted: December 21, 2010 in medical marijuana

Orange County Invitational #3 new amsterdam jan 19th

New Amsterdam is located on the corner of Dimension and Enterprise in a very nice business district of Lake Forest. Parking spots were plentiful and the address was easy to spot while driving up. This isn’t your normal co-op; it resides in a very clean, well lit upscale office space. A very nice change! I was greeted by an amazing receptionist who made me feel right at home. I was rapidly checked in then I was off to the medication area which is directly next to the check in area; no double security doors or long painful walks, more like a few foot steps. I was met by Doug, I believe he’s the owner; he’s a very down to earth and easy to talk to and a connoisseur of fine meds. Speaking of, the meds are all kept in large sealed jars and you are encouraged to look through with chopsticks to find the perfect strain(s) for your ailment(s). Sometimes while in co-op’s I’ll look in jar after jar and every strain seems to look and smell exactly the same…that’s not the case here, exactly the opposite, nothing was cookie cutter, each nugget of each strain had its own unique look and smell to it and nothing was kiefed. Doug’s not only the buyer for New Amsterdam but he’s the grower of many strains. There’s nothing better for medical marijuana patient’s than knowing who, where and how your meds were grown, at New Amsterdam you will know. Doug also has a pro Kush grower on board who obviously turns out some rather nice batches of long growing, short yielding Kush strains. Prices Range from $15-$25/gram, $40-$60/eighth

They don’t carry any type of hash or concentrates but they do have kief.

I saw three or four types of edibles, some or possibly all were vegan. Doug says the dosing is very consistent for those who need a steady dose controlled regiment. The vegan sugar cookies I tried were strong in marijuana taste but palatable, they were an indica strain extracted into butter and had a very mellow high for several hours.

I do believe New Amsterdam is handicap accessible as well for those who need to avoid stairs and obstacles.

The Strain Reviews:


Grown under the name high rise in its early days, Master Kush was developed in south Amsterdam in tall high rise buildings. It’s a Hindu Kush Skunk hybrid, meaning a mix of sativa and indica. Without a doubt this is one of the best Master Kush grows I’ve seen in 20 years of smoking. Soft, stinky, fluffy, sticky, semi-dense, fluffy white trichome covered buds are what I saw and received. The smell is phenomenal…it’s deep, it’s dark and it’s extremely earthy. The high is full body, full throttle and full head to toe pain relief. I recommend this to anyone looking for a super tasty, organic and extremely potent indica dominant hybrid. It may have needed a few more days of dry time but other than that it’s almost perfect in every way. This is my favorite of the strain samples!


This is the type of bud I could sample all day and it would never get old. I love the airy, brittle, skunky, light green and crystal filled diesel buds. It’s a mostly sativa dominant hybrid with THC levels in excess of 22%. This phenotype leans way more on the diesel side than the sour side. This s.d. phenotype smell’s of a diesel truck carrying a few skunks a few red grapefruits and a bail of hay through a small puddle of ammonia. The taste translates extremely well. I’ve seen hundreds of top shelf sour diesels in my life and this is up there in the top 25 for sure. This is a great strain for focus, energy, stress relief, pain relief, headaches, joint pain and appetite increase.


Wow! The smell is a cross of floral, electric lemons, dirty diapers and skunks. The taste translates perfectly with some added chocolate tones. This phenotype reminds me a lot of pot of gold which is Hindu skunk as well, just another unique phenotype of it. The high is mellow to strong at times. The skunk lends an instant sativa effect; the Hindu lends a narcotic Afghanica effect about 5-10 minutes later. The most impressive part of this bud is that it’s grown by Doug. I always stress the importance of knowing the grower of your medical marijuana.


This strain reminds me of an extremely well grown purple Kush phenotype. The smell is overwhelmingly sweet, earthy and fruity. It’s almost exactly like Welch’s grape juice. It appears to be very dense but I can easily squeeze down or peel the bud away like soft cotton. The THC is visible to the eye; it’s a heavy coating of white and clear trichomes sprayed over crayola crayon purple leaves, calyxes and buds. The stems are very small and easily snap. The high is just what I expected from a purple indica; it comes on strong then slowly fades to a light narcotic effect for thirty minutes to one hour or so. I’d classify this as mid day or late night smoke due to the couch lock and fuzzy brain effect. Good for lower back pain. Not for users who want to be destroyed, just relaxed.

I use a pure white l.e.d. light, bic lighters (hover technique) and clean glass bong for all my inspections.


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