Cooking with Hash. A+ Guide for the medical marijuana patient. Includes recipes. #mmj #cannabis #mmot #weed

Posted: March 27, 2011 in hash and concentrates, recipes
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Born in Newport beach California, I graduated from high school in southern Orange County, CA. where i met some of the best connects i hav  in the MMJ world, a lot of which i still have to this very day. I graduated from CIA, I’m a personal chef,  food photographer. I’ve worked at many hotels and local catering companies as well as owning Delicious Delights Catering.  I have grown marijuana, bud-tended, vended, made hash of all sorts, consulted buyers and sellers and basically tried to master every aspect of this business. I study hard every single day,  I’ve dedicated a major part of my life to decriminalization of marijuana and teaching patients new, clean and efficient ways of experiencing the many benefits of MMJ.  Edibles help ease the side effects of several illnesses and diseases including but not limited to Back pain, migraines, RLS, A.D.D., nausea associated with chemo therapy  and nerve disorders/insomnia..


I avoid cannabutter or anything else wasteful or possibly harmful to patients health.

I either buy half to  full melt bubble,  butane hash oil (goo, wax, amber glass – not too green, should be dry, refer to my hash guide ) or dry ice or co2 (goo, wax, amber glass) full melt hash.

I also make hash from trim or stems to save money  For tips on purchasing proper medical grade hash refer to my hash guide, the link’s up top and below.

Buying full melt hash in a co-op or making it at home  means you are eliminating the outdated old school method/step of soaking possibly  pesticide sprayed, mildewed and for sure chlorophyll packed marijuana  in butter for hours or days on end. Only to end up being used in food we eat. How can we eliminate all the plant and soaking it in butter to extract the active ingredients..

The answer…..

Use other methods besides butter to extract THC from it’s useless plant matter jail cell. extraction methods other than butter

You can use water and ice (bubble hash.. thc freezes and sinks in water), butane (bho) or CO2 are also great examples, these will extract around 40%-90% of all available thc, cbd’s and essential oils from your buds. this is a huge difference from butter’s tiny extraction of 15% THC and whoever knows what else leaches into the butter..

The truth in the end is…The majority of a cannabutter extracts are mainly green chlorophyll, plant waxes, combustibles and other unknown contaminants from fertilizers and sprays; this being the reason for the terrible taste in butter extracted  edibles and the variance in potency…

If you can’t make some hash just ask your local marijuana co-op to help you.

Get  a gram or even just half gram of hash, a gram will make anywhere from 10-20 edibles depending on potency of hash. Get full melt though though you will thank me later when trying to blend into your fat or alcohol in the recipe.

Now all you do is toss your clean, extremely pure and potent, almost tasteless hash/concentrate/extract into the butter, oil, milk, glycerin or whatever fatty/alcohol based ingredient your recipe calls for. The taste of hash is almost non existent compared to the old school method of a 1 to 7 day butter extraction where you then have to gag down a burned weed tasting edible for your wait. Reminds me, most hash is decarboxolated during the process of making it (heated, molecular change, activated and ready for human ingestion, deals with carbon molecule) but, to be safe i usually add heat for 3-5 min from stove when blending the hash into the butter or oil, even though most recipes get baked and will decarbox in the oven.

Most people get high off eating .1 or sometimes less of hash or concentrate. Depends on strain and potency/concentration of oil.

start with small dose and work up as you become acquainted with the hash.

Sometimes it can take 1-2-3 hours for edible to hit you from the time you eat it. beware.

It’s best to take an edible on an empty stomach, before you have smoked in the morning. If you don’t smoke don’t worry about your tolerance too much then.

Soy lecithin is a huge secret in the industry. add it to your edibles, it’s an emulsifier but it helps your body absorb the edible faster creating a 10-30% increase in effects.

My hash guide for patients who buy hash


Balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing and marinade

1. balsamic vinegar 1/3* or 1/2 cup
2. oil (1cup)(canola*, grape seed, or soy)
3. brown sugar (approx 1/2 cup or less to taste, start small and work up)
4. stone ground mustard (1 or 2 tbls)
5. salt n pepper (pinch)
6. hash, full melt bubble or other full melt concentrate if available but, not necessary. a regular bubble will work as well.
7. herbs de Provence (optional) ( i prefer it without this but i switched it up at my cafe every week)

First thing to do is dissolve the hash in your oil, use a little heat of the stove to help. Now let it cool to room temp.

Toss all ingredients into a container and shake like a son of a gun.. No refrigeration necessary but it’s a good idea anyway. 🙂

i got that recipe from a catering company i worked at for about 5 years.. people always think it’s all kinds of crazy ingredients. Its the brown sugar and mustard that set this off against the sharp sweet balsamic..

great on spinach salads with mushrooms, bacon, cheese, red onions, hard boiled eggs, dried cranberries, or spiced pecans or maybe garlic croutons.

Maybe just cucumbers and red onions.


peanut butter cookies

1 cup smooth peanut butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 whole egg
2 grams hash depending on potency but that’s about .2 per cookie. which is perfect for a strong cookie.
1 tbls butter, melted

step one, heat butter and dissolve hash in it, set aside to cool.
step two, Whip peanut butter with a spoon till its silky, add semi beaten eggs, sugar and hash butter, mix well.
step three, bake @ 350 degrees for 12-15 min

These are delicious and so easy… for a variation try adding some ghirardeli fudge mix to it and a bit of water…amazing!!


grilled cheese and tomato sandwich —QUICK cooking time—-

2 slices bread, sourdough is my choice though =)
2 slices cheese
1 slice tomato
1 tbls regular salted or unsalted butter
1 slice hash butter (just dissolve hash into butter on stove then refrigerate)

i start by turning the pan to medium or medium-high. while that’s heating i prep the sandwich as normal but, inside where the cheese and tomato are, i smear the hash butter on both sides of the bread.

now that the sandwich is prepped up and ready to cook i take half of the tablespoon of regular butter and toss it in the pan and let it heat up then toss the sandwich on it for 3 min.. Flip sandwich and repeat with the other half tablespoon of butter. After 3 more minutes of cooking the 2nd side you’ll have a hot and delicious edible in under 6 minutes


bananas Fosters

half stick of hash butter

1 cup brown sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 cup banana liqueur

4 bananas, cut in half lengthwise, then halved

1/4 cup dark rum

4 scoops vanilla ice cream


Combine the butter, sugar, and cinnamon in a flambé pan or skillet.

Place the pan over low heat either on an alcohol burner or on top of the stove, and cook, stirring, until the sugar dissolves.

Stir in the banana liqueur, then place the bananas in the pan.

When the banana sections soften and begin to brown, carefully add the rum.

Continue to cook the sauce until the rum is hot, then tip the pan slightly to ignite the rum.

When the flames subside, lift the bananas out of the pan and place four pieces over each portion of ice cream.

Generously spoon warm sauce over the top of the ice cream and serve immediately.

Serves Four


Mango chipotle BBQ sauce

2 mango’s cubed up
2 chipotle peppers
1 tbs adobo sauce from chipotle can
1/2 cup cilantro stem and all
4 cloves garlic
1 tbs rice wine vinegar
3/4 tbs canola oil (spiked with hash obviously)
salt n pepper
toss everything EXCEPT the oil in the blender or food processor. pulse till it’s blended fine. take out some sauce to marinate chicken in. Now, add the hash infused oil and pulse once more to mix in… congratulations you now have a hash infused chipotle mango bbq sauce.. i made it last night and it tastes amazing.. will work on chicken or pork possibly fish.

flavor = sweet, smokey, spicy and tangy


Long Island Ice Tea

1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz gin
1/2 oz triple sec
1/2 oz light rum
1/2 oz tequila
2 oz sour mix

The secret here is to dissolve your hash into the vodka ahead of time.. BAM! thats it! Works with any style drink. I recommend using a nice quality butane hash oil for this. It dissolves clean and is rather flavorless. A rather nice essence in the drink if you ask me.

Mix with ice and then top with Cola.


Christmas cider

2 qts. apple cider
1/2 c. orange juice
1/4 c. lemon juice
2 tbsp. sugar
2 tsp. whole cloves
3 cinnamon sticks
1 tsp. nutmeg
2 oranges, sliced
2 lemons, sliced
Optional: 1 c. Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum

dissolve 1 gram hash into captain Morgan over medium-low heat then,
Mix all ingredients and bring just to a boil. Simmer about 10 minutes. Strain and serve. May be garnished with fresh orange or lemon slice, or a cinnamon stick in each mug.

serves 10


Vanilla Ice Cream Base

3 cups whipping cream
1 cup milk
3/4 cup sugar
2 vanilla beans — split lengthwise
OR 2 Tbl vanilla extract
4 large egg yolks
1 gram Bubble Hash or Bho concentrate

In a heavy-bottomed 2 quart saucepan, heat cream, milk, sugar, hash and vanilla bean. (If you are using vanilla extract, do not add it until later.)

Stir until sugar/hash is dissolved and the mixture is hot but not boiling.

Note: If using a pressed bubble hash and it doesn’t dissolve easily just cut it and or break it as small as possible then take out just a small amount of hot cream to a bowl and add the hash to it. mix with a spoon until dissolved adding a bit more hot cream at a time until it’s a thick paste. Once hash and cream are incorporated add back to mixture on stove.


Whisk egg yolks together in a bowl. Continue whisking and very slowly pour
in approximately 1 cup of the cream mixture very slowly. When smooth like a runny pudding, pour back into the pan.

Whisk constantly over low heat until the mixture thickens slightly and coats
the back of a spoon (about 5 minutes).

Take care that the mixture doesn’t boil, or it will curdle. You can strain the mixture if this happens. It’s not the end of the world.

Draw your finger across the back of the coated spoon. If the line you make remains, the custard is done. Remove vanilla beans; or if you’re using vanilla extract, add it now.

Freeze according to manufacturer directions or place in a metal pan and stir every 20 minutes till frozen in freezer.

Makes 8 servings.

You can add butter nut caramel hash swirls or rice krispy hash treats to this for an extra punch.


White bread- bread machine

3 cups flour, more or less

1/2 tablespoon sugar

1 1/4 teaspoons salt

1/2 envelope active dry yeast

1 cup very warm water, about 120°

2 tablespoons softened hash butter (remember 12 slices = about .6 grams of hash in that butter total, thats going to give you .05 in each slice. so make a sandwich and you’ll get a .1 of hash ingested.)

just mix the hash into the butter and remember a loaf is 12 slices.

add everything to the bread machine and follow manufacturer’s instructions.


How do i dose these edibles?

If the recipe calls for a quarter cup of butter or oil just put that aside then you need to figure out how many edibles you’re making and how much hash you want per edible. lets say its 10 edibles for fun and you want a point one of hash per edible (which will rock most anyone). So take a gram of hash (0.1 per edible)and melt that into the butter or oil on a warm stove then use it in the recipe and follow the recipes instructions as normal.

SO if you get bubble hash for $20 a gram you can make 10 strong edibles for that or 5 super strong ones, just cut the recipe in half but leave the hash amount the same.

Hash is so great


Creamed Corn with Herbed Hash Butter


1/2 to 1 whole stick herb hash butter
2 bags sweet frozen corn (don’t use fresh corn for this recipe)
1 or 2 pints heavy cream from trader joes or any store of choice
Dried Herbs
salt n pepper

1.8 grams (half 8th) bubble hash or better.


Melt butter on stove and mix in hash till dissolved. refrigerate.
Take butter out and soften to room temp,
Mix in 1/4 tsp of each the following, dried thyme, Rosemary, basil, sage.
stir and refrigerate again till ready to cook.


Take a pan, nonstick or stainless steel, heat it over extremely high heat.

Add hash/herb butter and 2 bags corn.

Stir once or twice and walk away for 2 or 3 minutes. do not touch.

Stir again, once, and walk away for 2 min. do not touch. i know you’ll wanna stir but don’t.

You should do this process a few times until you notice some fire grilled looking marks on maybe half of the corn. This is very good. It’s caramelization of the sugar in some of the corn kernels which will add tremendous flavor to the final product. very little stirring, high heat and butter are essential to this process.

Now that the corns all hot with those nice roasted looking marks, TURN THE HEAT DOWN TO MEDIUM…..

Add in 1 pint of cream and stir. You may need the 2nd pint or half of it too. the corn should be almost swimming in the cream but not overly swimming. Now slowly reduce the cream at medium heat until it’s nice n thick.

Add salt and pepper at the end to taste.

This was the biggest side dish holiday hit out of anything i made at trader joes for 3 years in a row in the demo kitchen. obviously i worked the hash into the recipe on my own time.



1 pack of empty pill capsules from pharmacy
1 eye dropper with medium hole
1/4 cup olive oil (or oil of your choice, flax works well 2)
1 gram bubble hash or concentrate

Warm olive oil on the stove.

stir in, dissolve the hash/concentrate. remove from heat let cool.

now fill 20 capsules and your dose will be 2 pills, or 1 pill for beginners.


Green Curry Paste

•YIELDS: approx. 1 cup fragrant Thai Green Curry Paste (enough for 1 large curry)


•1 stalk lemongrass, minced
•1-3 green chilies, sliced (if you can’t find Thai green chilies, use jalapeno chilies)
•1 shallot, sliced (OR 4 Tbsp. minced purple onion)
•4-5 cloves garlic
•1 thumb-size piece of galangal OR ginger, thinly sliced
•1 cup fresh coriander leaves & stems, chopped
•1/2 tsp. ground cumin
•1/2 tsp. ground white pepper
•1/2 tsp. ground coriander
•3 Tbsp. fish sauce – if vegetarian: 3+1/2 Tbsp. soy sauce
•1 Tbsp. lime juice
•1 tsp. brown sugar
•12 Tbsp. coconut milk (enough to blend ingredients & keep blades moving)

The trick here is to blend a gram hash or concentrate into the coconut milk ahead of time. Then follow the recipe as normal. Just blend everything in your food processor or blender. enjoy.

works well with shrimp, chicken, pork, veggies and just about anything you can imagine.


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  2. mister blank says:

    i dont mean to be a dick , but butter is 80% fat , 18% water , 2% milk solids , generically averaged , so to help me understand ,,, its the 18% water that prevents the proper thc/cbd/essential oil intake into the fat . so can you substitute ghee (clarified butter) to get the proper 100/near100% intake ? i am new to this , otherwise i find your postings extremely much improved to anything else i have stumbled across on the web .

  3. kushits says:

    I added a butter label photo to show you that fat is 18% usually at most in the European style butter, most American is 15%. This is what the average person is using…

  4. girlsrule420 says:

    just wanted to say some dumb bud tender in garden grove told me 4 oz to 1 cup olive oil of my trim. i did crockpot 2 days on low I made it but and i must say omg it’s so nasty! kushits was right dosing it’s impossible too. I needed half the cup to get high and it was all green and taste like gross cooked plant.. GAG! I see now i just need .1 of hash to get high so i drop that into my oil or butter and i cook my edible and i’m done. There’s like no taste! my bf and i were trippin on how high we were, ate all his food! TY AGAIN!


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  7. masterskunk says:

    Hi, I have a question about the Christmas Cider recipe. How does this work? What does the THC bond to if there are no fat sources in the recipe? I know you can soak in vodka, but that takes a long time. How does simmering the gram of hash in rum for 15 minutes infuse the alcohol? Just wanted some reassurance before I experiment with this recipe.

    • kush says:

      I put aside about 1/4 cup of rum and on stove add your gram of bubble or bho or some sort of full melt or almost full melt hash/extract/bho/wax/bubblehash/ or whatever it’s called in your town. (you want it to easily dissolve in warm fat or alcohol) The bho is already decarboxylated and ready to ingest but i like to heat it on stove while dissolving into fat/alcohol just to be sure and it’s fully activated.. I make a lot of wax (bho) so i mix it into all my edibles and potency is 2nd to none and taste is very subtle it’s similar to the scent of the wax. potency is high, 3/10th’s of a gram is usually more than plenty for an avid smoker in one dose. On the other hand, 1/10th of a gram or less is always plenty for a first time smoker and edible eater, i’ve seen people take one bite of a six bite 1/10th gram of wax edible and go to sleep 45 min later and not wake up for 8 hours..

  8. Max says:

    Hey, Kush, awesome blog! I just stumbled onto your page here looking for a way to duplicate Cheeba Chews. Recipes online calls for 5-10 gms of hash oil which goes for $35-$50/gm at collectives. Can you give me some advice on how to get around this? Thank you.

  9. Sarah B says:

    I’m interested in making some hash infused milk for espresso drinks. I can heat the milk slowly (1-2 minutes) with the steam wand and can get the milk up to 220 degrees but ideally would like it to be no hotter then 175 as that’s when the enzymes start to break down and you gt the gross burned milk taste.

    Is this possible? I’d be working with earwax hash so there would be nothing to strain. I’m just not sure if at that tempsture for that amount of time the THC would be properly extracted or if I’d just be wasting my wax.

  10. Jake says:

    Just made the peanut butter cookies. I added a cup of Rice Krispies to the batter to thicken in a little and they turned out great. Thanks for the recipes.

  11. jules says:

    What is the easiest way to drink it? I just had my wisdom teeth pulled and I hate taking pain pills, but I have about half an oz of hashish. What about milk, could I just warm it up and drink it? Thoughts?

  12. Nice post, informative info, will share with other!

  13. Chris says:

    Wanting to make something edible but working with UK hash.. so not exactly the best lol got some lovely bud tho!! Anyone Wana email me some tips or recipe’s please …

  14. Chris says:

    Wanting to bake edibles but working with UK hash lol got some lovely bud I’m a heavy toker so looking for best recipes for both 🙂 send to my email

    • master says:

      sup chris on a level of 1-10 10 being master chef and 1 being an infant whats your level of skill so I can get you some recipes sir… have a great day

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