Earth Og from ICOC California #mmj #cannabis #weed #mmot #drugs #earth #medicalmarijuana

Posted: May 3, 2011 in I.C.O.C., medical marijuana, photo's marijuana
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earth og

earth og

earth og

earth og

Ok this batch of earth is pungent smelling! With tiny stems, fat, super sticky, nicely dried, cured, diamond tipped elongated nug formations and it’s dense yet, it’s soft sticky cotton. The taste is really good it’s comes through about 50 seconds after the hit then softly fades away with time, it reminds me of earth og (og x chem) but this has some deep smokiness to it as well like loompa’s mars og (fire x og). Out of a sparkling clean bong/bowl the earth og tastes minty, earthy, woodsy, fumy and smokey. Feels like it’s just barely indica dominant, But I most definitely
feel high %’s of THC (sativa) and CBD’s (indica).
A complete and well rounded hybrid. Great for pain, great for focus, great for rest, great for appetite, great for nerves, great for cancer patients, great for back pain, great for headaches, great for hives, great for stomach aches and many other ailments


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