Purchasing Medical Marijuana guide, for the newer mmj user, an Article by Kushits

Posted: June 13, 2011 in guides and information about marijuana, medical marijuana, photo's marijuana
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With so many co-ops located within socal’s borders medical marijuana is easier to find then star bucks, del taco or  just possibly your own house.  Being a medical marijuana patient means you can  and  you should learn the smells, looks,, taste, lineage (mother father plant names) and genetics of each strain. Those things don’t really change, once you know em, you just know em. Like knowing that the strain headband is a mix of master kush x sour diesel x og kush. You’ll never have anyone try selling you the wrong strain or an inferior grow of that particular strain ever again.

I never order off menu’s inside a co-op. Names mean nothing unless i’ve seen, smelled and touched the bud. I can’t begin to tell you how many time’s i see people walk in and just order off the menu without looking through every jar in the co-op! how do you know what’s good unless you dive right in and , make the bud tender work a lil, don’t feel bad… it’s your health and happiness in the end.

Marijuana comes in two main genetic types; Indica and Sativa. It’s easy to remember because 100% indica works on your body leaving it very relaxed and at ease, couchlocked is the term used when not wanting to move and feeling warm body waves. Sativa is the oposite for the most part. It mainly works on your head leaving you feeling super stoned, mentally euphoric and focused on things you normally wouldn’t care about. There are also Hybrids, which are indica and sativa crosses. The percentage of indica to sativa in the mix can be manipulated by the grower.

Lineage is also something to take note of, lineage is what the strain is it’s parents. It’s good to know because potency is passed down from parents to children plants. Say for instance a grower takes pollen from a male plant of the strain northern lights, lets say he sprinkled that pollen on a white widow female plant, the pollinated white widow will now grow seeds and they will be half white widow, half northern lights. Making the strain “white lights or “northern widow” Now you see how the names come about and how it’s usually pretty simple to trace back the lineage once you know the main strains out there..


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