Pure OG PATS LEGACY DELIVERY Kushandra Collaboration #mmj #cannabis

Posted: October 20, 2011 in medical marijuana, photo's marijuana
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Pure OG PATS LEGACY DELIVERY Kushandra Collaboration

Pure OG PATS LEGACY DELIVERY Kushandra Collaboration












I’ve had the Pure Og from Pats twice now and I am not dissapointed. It is a heavy Indica with a lot of THC leaving you with not only a strong relaxing body high, but you also get a sativa affect with a strong head high as well. The best of both worlds. The bud is pretty stinky, i think it smells kinda like sweet og lemons. Its super sticky lots of crystally trichomes everywhere, nice frosty nugs. Just how I love it. I think it is a little wet though maybe it wasn’t cured long enough cause the taste isn’t totally on point with how it smells, it’s a bit harsh. But, the affects hit me so hard I don’t even care. Ha… I would totally buy this again I wish I could see this made into a batch of wax. Anyways, at $50 this compares with the $60/e that have been burning a hole in my pocket. ALSO i almost forgot, the staff is awesome. I was in a hurry trying to get out the door and lagged on calling and placing my order. I asked the gentleman if he could possibly make it within an hour and he totally pulled through with time to spare. He actually called another patient and asked if he minded waiting to help me out. Plus they don’t just leave their car running in front of your pad, run in and drop what you ordered like some other places do. They park their car, bring their store to you, and let you pick from their selection (a large selection!). Some places are sketchy about you holding the containers and pulling out the buds to check em out but he was cool with me inspecting all the buds which is important to me. I would def. recommend this delivery service as well as the Pure Og I’m a happy patient so I’ll see ya guys soon. Take care.

  1. kas says:

    i love your photos and you!

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