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An interesting new study of the California medical cannabis user population by Prof. Craig Reinarman et al. appears in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 43(2) Apr-Jun, 2011: “Who Are Medical Marijuana Patients? Population Characteristics from Nine California Assessment Clinics”.

Noteworthy findings:

*Medical cannabis use is higher than average among Blacks and Native Americans, lower among Latinos and Asians.

*73% of patients are male.

*Use is heaviest in the 25-44 year age group.

*Leading indications:

82.6% for pain

70.7% to improve sleep

55% for “relaxation”

41% for muscle spasms

41% for headaches

38% for anxiety

28% for nausea

26% for depression

51% use as a substitute for prescription medication (showing that medical cannabis may offer significant health cost savings)

Medical cannabis users report significantly lower alcohol & cocaine use than the average population,  supporting the substitution theory that more cannabis use may lead to less abuse of other drugs.