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super skunk #1 #mmj #cannabis #drugs #sativa #sensemilia #ganja #weed #photo

super skunk #1 #mmj #cannabis #drugs #sativa #sensemilia #ganja #weed #photo


Triple X Brain Damage Og kush photo by

Triple X Brain Damage Og kush photo by



Superior Taste, Perfect Bud formation/structure, Above average Trichome Content.

That is what amazes me and comes to mind after spending a day with this bubba kush from ICOC. The buds smell like they were cured for months. Gotta keep the lid on this gram or else the whole house will smell like a garden of the best earthy, dark roasted, minty and bright skunky kush you can imagine. It’s a thing of beauty, the buds have a thin layer of pure white over them plus they look as if they were sprayed with sugar. All that with the faintest of purple whisps here and there; as a true bubba kush should just around harvest time. It has darker thin orange hairs in tiny clumps of 2 or 3. the high is pure indica and the taste lasts for hours. Aromatics is a major factor in the high, it’s been proven scientifically. So the more flavor the better. With that i can say this bubba is easily now on my top 5 list of best bubba’s I’ve smoked in my life.

“This isn’t your mothers prescription”

By Kushits

With so many co-op’s in so-cal medical marijuana is easier to find then star bucks, del taco or a gas station. Being a medical marijuana patient means learning about the strains and the effects of them individually.. It’s also in my opinion mandatory that you learn the smell, looks, effect, taste, lineage and genetics of each strain. Those things don’t really change, once you know em you know em. You’ll never have anyone try selling you the wrong strain or an inferior grow again.

Most co-op’s carry 20- 40 or more strains. Indica’s, Sativa’s and hybrids. plus edibles. That leaves a lot of room for error and assumptions. I never order off menu’s inside a co-op. Names mean nothing unless i’ve seen the grow quality, smelled it and touched it. I can’t begin to tell you how many time’s i see people walk in and just order off the menu without looking through every jar in the co-op or at least the one they ordered off the menu! how do you know what’s good unless you dive right in and open some jars, make the bud tender work a lil, don’t feel bad… it’s your health and happiness in the end. Aromatics are scientifically proven to play a major part of the effect of marijuana on the brain, so get the tastiest and smelliest strain.

One important thing to know from the start is that NOT all marijuana is “medical”. The farmer who buys 10,000 clones and sticks em in a filthy forest exposed to a harsh environments then comes back in 6 months isn’t really medical is he???? what about the guy growing less than 12 plants that he sits with watching carefully 12-19 hours a day; all grown under $10,000 worth of grow equipment and he back it all with 40 yrs experience. I think that guy wins hands down for quality and care, which in turn will make it medical grade. Potency, bud structure, smoothness and overall quality will be easily noticeable.

Not all marijuana strains are “potent“. Some growers specifically cross two parent plants not to make the quality or potency better but to make the harvest twice as large and in less time. more money for them! That’s what happened with purple erkle which is a potent purple strain. They crossed it with big bud which sucks beyond sucking. (big bud just grows big and fast and has like 5% thc) That made grand daddy purple. If i had a dollar for every time i smoked an 8th of grand daddy in a night and not been high from that stupid strain i’d be rich. Gdp Looks and tastes like purple erkle but has no effect. Why pay for something that wont get me half as high? That’s something i keep in mind when buying and trying to utilize my money properly.

Marijuana comes in two main genetic types; Indica and Sativa. It’s easy to remember because 100% indica works on your body leaving it very relaxed and at ease not wanting to move and feeling warm body waves. Sativa is the almost opposite, It mainly works on your head leaving you feeling super tripped out, mentally focused on things you normally wouldn’t care about and just plain high as a kite in my experience. There are also Hybrids, which are indica and sativa crosses. The percentage of indica to sativa in the mix can be manipulated by the grower.

Lineage is also something to take note of, lineage is who the strains parents are. It’s good to know because potency is passed down from parents to child, unless one of the parent is weak then it can drag the childs thc levels down.. Anyway, Say for instance a grower takes pollen from a male plant of the strain northern lights, lets say he sprinkled that pollen on a white widow female plant, the pollinated white widow will now grow seeds and they will be half white widow, half northern lights. Making the strain “white lights or “northern widow” Now you see how the names come about and how it’s usually pretty simple to trace back the lineage once you know the main strains out there..

One last thing, THC is the active ingredient that gets us high, it makes our eyes shut and swell up all red, it gives us bursts of mental energy and focus at times but mainly it makes us euphoric and sometimes hallucinate if over eaten or smoked.. THC is more abundant in sativa’s, indica’s have THC too but they usually have more CBD and CBN’s which make us feel a bit more tired and not so blazed out of your mind as opposed to just lazy and hungry. That’s why some folks say indica for night and sativa for the day. Sativa’s don’t really give me energy, they usually put me to sleep, but i always choose the highest in THC if not a sativa dominant hybrid like o. g. kush (yes og kush is sativa dominant) to give me a nice body high as well as the head high from the sativa.

1st off im no chemist but ive made it daily for 15 years and work a s a buyer and seller in the largest orange county co-op with  only high end products and i made a lot of the concentrates. I had to explain to 300 patients a day the difference between hashes and extraction methods and purity levels. ok.. on with the fun stuff..

Abused often and misunderstood frequently. Let me start by clarifying :

The terms -hash,- concentrate, -extract ARE ALL  REFERRING TO THE SAME THING!!! They’re just different terms used to describe when the active ingredient,(trichomes, or the dome heads on the trichomes) in marijuana  has been separated from the plant. Hash is  just extracted and concentrated active ingredient!

There are 2 important things to know when buying hash,

First, The extraction method. There’s about four or five types of extractions. What extraction method was used to remove the active ingredients (trichomes) from the plant to create the hash you see. Was it “water and ice” extracted?… Otherwise known as bubble hash!!! Was it a butane extracted? Known as BHO!!! Was it solvent extracted (acetone/iso/everclear)? Was it Co2 extracted (dry ice or gas)?

Second, it’s important to know the strain(s) name(s) of marijuana used for the extraction; this will give you the lineage and genetics so you can know what to expect when the effects kick in..

Ok as i was saying there’s 4 or 5 types of hash you’ll see in southern California co-op’s. There should only be 4 or 5 type of hash followed by the strain name when you buy any co-op anywhere in california.

1. Keef, Kif, kief… (isnt really even a hash or concentrate so you shouldn’t even see this in the concentrate section but i will add it just to be PC.)
It’s either loose and sold by the gram or it’s pressed and sometimes heated to make hard hash, shady vendors or shops will say this is bubble hash but it is not. The color of pressed and heated kief ranges from blond to black in color.  You can see the plant matter in the hash when broken open. It’s made by taking marijuana and shaking it over fine screens. Not the purest product in terms of removal of plant matter and harmful combustibles but it Works great for butter or oil extraction for edibles. But, Just make hash and get 100% of your thc extracted and then put that into your , food grade glycerine, oil or butter! Simple things like maximizing your extrraction amount and the cleanliness of hash makes huge difference between recreational and medical. Anyway for you smokers out there ….This product does not bubble or melt when heated. I don’t recommend smoking it, as it’s not much purer than just smoking bud itself.

2. Bubble Hash (water+ice)
It comes in many grades from light beige to golden to dark black depending on purity. The general rule is the lighter the color the better, the more it melts the purer it is. So dark color hash= plant matter and contaminants. light colored hash= purity and quality. Some are soft and moist and pressed like silly puddy (i avoid these) while some are un pressed, smell great and look like sand. The natural state is unpressed. pressing it till it’s hard chunk before it’s dry has terrible effects on quality. It should be dry as beach sand when dried/cured properly. As i always say, smoking water isn’t productive. Sorry to repeat myself but trying to make a point there. You’ll see this product under the name bubble hash, crystals, trichomes and If your super lucky you may come across Full Melt Bubble which is the ultimate in organic purity of concentrated cannabinoids, it melts 100% and leaves little to no ash when smoked. If it doesnt melt to a liquid 100% then you have been taken by false advertising. Trust me the co-op knows if it melts and to what percentage it melts, they can be honest and truthful but most just choose to say full melt for any bubble hash that seems to bubble or melt to any degree. It takes several ounces of top shelf buds to make a gram or two of full melt bubble in many cases. The best full melts are usually sativa, indicas don’t always melt 100%. This product and process is organic in nature. It’s the same idea as kief and screens but its all done under ice cold water making a much purer product by up to 50%. Bubble hash is great for culinary use, especially full melt. When heated, bubble hash will slightly bubble due to small amounts of water trapped when the oil glands burst from being pressed together.(hash makers: be gentle with your bubble hash until it’s totally chopped up and bone dry on cardboard for days.)

3. Solvent Reduced (acetone, alcohol based)
Named hash oil, honey oil, full melt hash oil and black gold among other names. It’s made by soaking plant material for a certain amount of time in the chemical of choice. The longer the plant material soaks the darker the extract will be. you can usually spot this stuff from its darker color and in some cases even dark green or black. Also full melt, it turns to a puddle of oil when heated. Product should look waxy but when touched be hard as a rock, beware of liquid or strong fume smells in the product that’s leftover chemical not evaporated from the extraction.

4. Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
When it’s bomb. you can tell by the structure and color of it. It’s not all oily and leaving stickiness all over the container, in fact you can easily handle it like bubble hash. In co-op’s this falls under the names goo, earwax, honey oil, amber glass, moon rocks, “full melt” and a few other various aliases (i really don’t like that name game just call it what it is).BHO Is made by passing butane over marijuana buds and plant material. At room temp the hash is soft like ear wax and when very pure it is hard like glass. When heated it turns into a puddle of clear to yellowish amber oil. This is Full Melt But not to be confused with full melt bubble hash which is the water and ice extract…. Easily confusing. Butane makes this process non organic. Excellent for culinary use. Extremely potent and pure the smell and taste are totally left intact while the plant matter and other useless garbage is gone.

5.  (a) Dry Ice method. It’s called shiva crystals, 95% thc, gold dust and/or moon rocks plus a few more names.  Product is usually rather pure due to the extra cold temps that cleanly break the trichome domes away from the plant with less plant matter going through the screens and  therefor less contamination of the final product. It’s like ultra clean kief. To make this hash, dry ice is shaken with plant material and allowed to fall through screens or it’s added to the bucket of water in the bubble hash process . The final product when shaken over screens is a  gold flake or powder.  Sometimes will melt in warm environments.

5. (b) CO2 in tank under pressure gas/liquid state. It’s made just like the butane process but, co2 is much colder, safer (besides the high pressure) and occurs everywhere in life around us. The very best co2 hash is called amber glass, (just like butane) it should be stable, or hard at room temperature. co2 products will be full melt and taste extremely sweet and delicious. Extremely potent.


Final notes:

Ok so 80% of the hash out there are just made up catchy names such as the most recent “death rockets” i can only grimace and say,”really”? death rockets? what a insult to hash and patients. I’ve seen names like moon rocks, bark hash, toostsie wheels, gold flakes, black gold, white gold, nectar, oil, full melt, full melt oil, honey, wax, goo and it goes on and on BUT, those names don’t mean anything to anyone. Don’t panic or be confused by names because there are only so many types of hash extractions out there, just become familiar with them and their final products and you will eventually just know what’s what.

Also just like in regular green uncured marijuana, chlorophyll is extremely harsh, tastes sorta “green”  like front lawn mowing’s mixed with raw mint. So keep your eye out and stay clear of  deep dark green oils if possible.

THC extractions (hash) should smell/taste similar if not exactly or even better then the strain they were made from.

The Golden Rule:
Hash will only be as strong as the strain of marijuana it was made from.

Obviously smell is the first major sense that comes into play when opening jars. Marijuana come’s in hundreds of fragrances depending on it’s parents lineage. Sweet, smoke, skunk, sour, peppery, lemons, limes, grapes, musky, savory and fruity are a few good signs. If it smells like water chances are it was over flushed with water last 2 or 3 weeks or not dried and cured properly. Rule #1- If the bud smells like mold or poison most likely it is mold, or poison…


Do your stems snap easily when bent? That’s good! If they just twist or bend you’re looking at un dried and uncured marijuana. Drying is seriously an important and major step of producing medical grade marijuana. After the drying stage should come the curing stage for a 2 week minimum in glass jars. The cure creates a smooth, potent and tasty medication; three traits that medical marijuana should have. Uncured marijuana leaves sugar in the medication, try smoking sugar it’s really harsh.



Background info:

What a great combination of rare O.G. cuts. The XXX was created by ORGNKID and sold to medical patients by the now defunct C.A.L.M disp. of Malibu. The Abusive O.G. in this mix is extremely rare and was created by forum user abusive and passed on to Swerve at the now government defunct Only a handful of people actually have the real deal clones made from o.g. bag seed over a decade ago.

The Review:

“Potency, flavor and vulgar smells” – Kushits 2010

Hands down one of the best O.G. grows I’ve seen in my 22+ years of bud hunting. “Godly” is how i would explain it because this is heaven, pure heaven! My 2 story house smells top to bottom from one gram of this XXX abusive O.g. It’s super skunky from the XXX and it’s super earthy and minty from the Abusive. If you ever wondered how a true medical o.g. should smell, look, taste and feel; this is it. I can taste it an hour after my hit and I’m still extremely medicated. The bud looks very dense but it’s actually soft like cotton once you start to break it apart. This is all about the Potency, flavor and vulgar smells. The hybrid effects are a perfect 10/10. Heavy sativa + heavy indica = Total pain relief. If you have an ache or pain this is your strain. It’s seriously simple as that. A+++


I graded this a perfect 100/100, that was easy. This type of O.G. almost needs it’s own grading scale because 100/100 doesn’t do it justice nor does an A+. I highly recommend this to any seriously ill patient or true connoisseur.