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A great find in this bullrider, SATIVA version!!! Not a fan of the afgani rider personally. I think the sliced lemon, pine sol, unripe mango smell on whisping skinny swords is a true winner. This ICOC version of bullrider wont let you down, actually it’ll lift you up with it’s powerful sativa effects. Reminds me of super silver haze x northern lights with a touch of trainwreck. The northern lights pungeont smell can’t be missed, it’s like pepper on the nose. That smell = hold onto your seat!!!

The effects could be compared to a bull ride. It’s a very euphoric and trippy type sativa. The type of sativa where you look for your sunglasses that are on your head for 45 minutes…(true story)



UK cheese was conceived through 1 mutated skunk seed out of what rumor says was 1000. But this one skunk plant had no skunk smell just the smell of fresh grated Romano and Parmesan cheese. It was found in the UK several years back and being a clone only mother plant it became highly valued. The strain that i am smelling and holding from icoc reminds me more of blue cheese (blueberry x uk cheese) which is absolutely in my opinion one of the best crosses with the uk cheese. Had it several times including nugporn. The smell is to die for as is the taste. Think of warm boysenberry syrup at knotts then think of a wedge of cheese somewhere in the vicinity.  I may be wrong but what i am smelling is extremely sweet fruity nuggets with hints of the u.k. cheese. I pick up a ton of blueberry, I usually never miss it, it’s one of my favorite strain on the planet. To me this is a great grow of blue cheese (or uk cheese straight up maybe) which I’ve seen at other co-op’s for $60 on this same grade of product. $35 this is a steal. I may be wrong about the lineage but either way it’s a strong sativa dominant uplifting and extremely tasty and smelling nuggets.

Obviously smell is the first major sense that comes into play when opening jars. Marijuana come’s in hundreds of fragrances depending on it’s parents lineage. Sweet, smoke, skunk, sour, peppery, lemons, limes, grapes, musky, savory and fruity are a few good signs. If it smells like water chances are it was over flushed with water last 2 or 3 weeks or not dried and cured properly. Rule #1- If the bud smells like mold or poison most likely it is mold, or poison…


Do your stems snap easily when bent? That’s good! If they just twist or bend you’re looking at un dried and uncured marijuana. Drying is seriously an important and major step of producing medical grade marijuana. After the drying stage should come the curing stage for a 2 week minimum in glass jars. The cure creates a smooth, potent and tasty medication; three traits that medical marijuana should have. Uncured marijuana leaves sugar in the medication, try smoking sugar it’s really harsh.



Background info:

What a great combination of rare O.G. cuts. The XXX was created by ORGNKID and sold to medical patients by the now defunct C.A.L.M disp. of Malibu. The Abusive O.G. in this mix is extremely rare and was created by forum user abusive and passed on to Swerve at the now government defunct Only a handful of people actually have the real deal clones made from o.g. bag seed over a decade ago.

The Review:

“Potency, flavor and vulgar smells” – Kushits 2010

Hands down one of the best O.G. grows I’ve seen in my 22+ years of bud hunting. “Godly” is how i would explain it because this is heaven, pure heaven! My 2 story house smells top to bottom from one gram of this XXX abusive O.g. It’s super skunky from the XXX and it’s super earthy and minty from the Abusive. If you ever wondered how a true medical o.g. should smell, look, taste and feel; this is it. I can taste it an hour after my hit and I’m still extremely medicated. The bud looks very dense but it’s actually soft like cotton once you start to break it apart. This is all about the Potency, flavor and vulgar smells. The hybrid effects are a perfect 10/10. Heavy sativa + heavy indica = Total pain relief. If you have an ache or pain this is your strain. It’s seriously simple as that. A+++


I graded this a perfect 100/100, that was easy. This type of O.G. almost needs it’s own grading scale because 100/100 doesn’t do it justice nor does an A+. I highly recommend this to any seriously ill patient or true connoisseur.

Review coming soon…..

Earth to I.C.O.C. you have the best earth o.g. on planet earth. Holy cow is this stuff for real please pinch me! I’ve never smelled an earth like this i think the reason being is loompah farms is behind this sticky wonder. I heard through the weed-vine that this has some “FIRE” strain in it’s lineage. That alone Would totaly explain the intensly vulgar smokey-earth smell of this o.g. cut. It’s almost too nice to be smoked but it’s also so nice it should be smoked or eaten by patients seeking either complete pain relief or just the greatest of connosuer strains available on the market at this time. This is exclusive to ICOC you wont find this anywhere else in orange county. The effects are just as intense as the smell, a lot on the sativa, a lot on the indica tip. Your typical top tier quality O.G. is how i’d explain the effects. Great for insomnia, nausea, pain, nerves, anxiety as well as hundreds of others illnesses.